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Become a Knight

Membership Classification Definitions:   [Click below for full description]

    REGULAR        ASSOCIATE       HONORARY         SPECIAL         LIFE


Briefly, to qualify for membership you must:

  1. Be an active full or part time law enforcement officer with powers of arrest

  2. Be employed by a governmental agency and receive monetary compensation

  3. Be a retired or disabled former law enforcement officer

  4. Possess a valid license to operate a motorcycle

  5. Own a motorcycle or plan to purchase one within six months


New Members Only

Toll free membership hotline:  +1 877-BKI-LEMC (254-5362) 

Note: Our toll free number is for prospective members only! 

All others please contact us using our normal business phone number.



Membership Applications:


      You must download and save these forms to your computer and open with  Adobe Reader software



Membership Qualifications & Application Forms

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