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Since its’ inception, the Blue Knights    COPSRUN has gone through a number of changes. Just like any other organization, we have had members come and go. Even though some can no longer volunteer, they are still part of the COPSRUN Family. We are always looking for members to assist us. The board currently in place has been  working hard for many years,  Russ Harper; President, Liz Cook; Vice President & Treasure and Bob McCormack; Secretary.


In the last twenty three years the Blue Knights   COPSRUN has donated over a hundred thousand dollars in the name of Blue Knights    International.   An annual check is presented during Police Memorial Week in D.C. at the Concerns of Police Survivors luncheon.


Survivors are never charged for any C.O.P.S. programs; they have already paid too high a price. The only cost to a survivor is their travel to and from a major airport nearest the camp or retreat location.


This is a sample of some of the programs that C.O.P.S. offers:

*  Kid’s Summer Camp

*  Outward Bound

*  Adult Children’s Retreat

*  Surviving Spouses Getaway

*  Siblings Retreat

*  In-Laws Retreat

*  Parent’s Retreat

*  Affected Co-Workers Retreat

*  National police Survivors’ Conference

*  and a Scholarship Program.


All these programs are explained in full at:  (


When you give to the Blue Knights   COPSRUN, you are giving to all these programs.                          




Blue Knights "COPSRUN"

P.O. Box 732

Otisville, New York   10963

For 23 Years the Blue Knights   Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club has been supporting the Concerns of Police Survivors through the Blue Knights   COPSRUN.


In 1997 a hand full of Blue Knights rode to Washington D.C. for the May, Police Memorial Week. There, they met a number of survivors during different events. The one impression they came away with was felt while speaking to new survivor. She made the statement that even with thousands of people around, she still felt alone. That’s when the Blue Knights    COPSRUN idea was formed and created their motto;



Blue Knights, Florida Chapter XVIII